We offer following facilities:

Treatment of all minor & major illness of pets.

Vaccination against following diseases -

Combined shot (NINE IN ONE) Against canine Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Influenza, Parainfluenza,
Anti Rabies
Canine Corona VIRUS
Vaccination for Mycotic Disease (Fungal Infection)
Feline Rhinotraechitis, Calcivirus and Panleucopenia.
Orthopaedic Surgery (Bone pening and plating): All minor & major surgeries are performed at the clinic including castration (Male Sterilization), Spaying (Female Sterilization), orthopedic, stones (Urolitis), Dental Scaling & Polishing.
Availability - All breed of Dogs and Cats Available on Demand.
Laboratory - the clinic has complete set up of pathological laboratory for Microscopic examination of Blood, Urine & stool.
Pet Products and Accessories - Clinic has complete range of products and Accessories for Dogs, Cats, Birds & Fishes. Different kind of foods also available.
Pet Parlor - Clinic has facility for Grooming, Bathing, Hair Clipping, Nail Clipping, Ear Cleaning, Tick Bath, Medicated Bath, Antiseptic Bath etc.
Pet Ambulance - For pickup & drop facility of pets.
Boarding - Facility of Boarding & lodging of pets.
Identification - Microchipping
X-ray & Ultrasound
House Visit for Emergency cases.
Import & Export of Pets - complete guidance for import & export including documentation/cage/quarantine.

Special Facilities for
Cataract Surgery
Blood Transfusion
Indoor/Hospitalization for sick pets.
Diagnostics Kits for distamper, Parvovirus, Errlichia, ovulaton and pregnancy.
FLEA Scan (Test Kit for Diagnosis of flea infestation.

24 Hours Emergency